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Lotus Outsourcing has selected Magento as the only eCommerce platform to work with. We believe in Magento’s open source philosophy, focus on conversions and broad appeal to merchants. Seriously consider your current eCommerce needs and give yourself room to grow by choosing Magento and Lotus Outsourcing.


Integrating external services into an eCommerce website is an essential tool for success. Integrations can create significant efficiency and cost savings within an organization. Lotus Outsourcing‘s development teams have developed elegant systems that integrate Magento with a variety of standard and custom external services.


The majority of Lotus Outsourcing‘s design and development business involves re-platforming a customer from an existing store to a more scalable, feature rich Magento store. Our process for doing this has been refined over the years and has led to much of the Magento expertise we have today. Contact us to review everything you need to consider when it’s time to re-platform from another vendor or from Magento Community to Enterprise.


Having been involved closely in the Magento Community for years, our team listens to the needs of Magento users and builds extensions to meet their needs.

Over 60 projects doneSince we started 5 years ago

10 full-time developersBack-end developer, front-end developer and project managers

Magento ExpertWe’ve been using Magento for 5 years now

Zend SpecialistMajor implementations and complete redesign

Web agencies partnerYou’re an agency? Contact us now

Competitive ratesAsian expertise at unbeatable hourly rates

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